TrumpetBoards so far, and goals for the future (Updated 6/12/19)

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    Hey all --- it's been about 3 months since we started. Can you believe it? Sadly, I got the idea to start TB after went the way of all the Earth. Happily, many of our old friends are here. If you have other friends that have not joined the bandwagon, they probably don't know about us!

    As of this writing, we have 173 users. That's ok...I guess. I'd love to see 10x more. I'd also love to see some more valuable content, such as qualified musicians giving tips and advice. One issue is that we do not appear anywhere close to the top of a Google search...yet the defunct TrumpetMaster does. This is something I am addressing, but if you have SEO experience I would love to hear from you, as I am only a computer programmer.

    I have addressed the issuing of monetization with a Patreon page. If I get enough monthly donations, I can eliminate ads altogether. That is really ideal, in my opinion. I love this project, but financial constraints are always a reality. Trust me -- I am not a millionaire. ☺

    Here are some of my current frustrations:

    • Some formatting issues still exist, especially on mobile devices.
    • Most of our threads lack substance.
    • How do I get the word out? Facebook has only helped me so much.
    • We don't yet have any moderators.

    Here are some of the things that please me:

    • The site appears to be running smoothly now.
    • We haven't had any trolls (yet!).
    • I can now create groups to identify qualified professionals, which I have done.

    Call me ambitious, but I would like nothing less than to make TB the go-to web hub for all things trumpet. Sax on the Web is that site for Saxophonists. Why not TrumpetBoards? Well, exposure is a big deal. It needs to happen for growth to occur. I am currently in the process of creating another website, called, which will be a similar-style site to the old "," allowing individuals to crowd-rate and review instruments (not just brass, however, but all "axes").

    Is this possible? Yes, I believe so. With no offense at all intended, I believe that I have a unique combination of qualifications to make this happen. I am a professional software developer who has a degree in trumpet performance. My involvement in this community goes back a ways, and I have been personal friends with several ITG Presidents and other influential individuals in the trumpet world. I would like to improve the style of our marketplace and continue adding features, such as a collection of non-copyrighted music for download, and a series of YouTube videos for comeback players (I am one myself). Patrons will get exclusive access to more content, such as my own digitizations of vintage, vinyl trumpet albums. Other considerations are interviews or biographical sketches of famous trumpet players, sort of like what you find in the ITG Journal, a central database for all things related to trumpet history, and increased visibility for vendors that are patrons as well. I will need your help to bring others to this site.

    Happy Trumpeting

  • @administrator I don't mind some ads. I often ignore them everywhere, but sometimes a good product crops up 🙂

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    @oldpete said in TrumpetBoards so far, and goals for the future (Updated 6/12/19):

    @administrator I don't mind some ads. I often ignore them everywhere, but sometimes a good product crops up 🙂

    Yes, I can understand that. Once in a while I see an ad that I actually appreciate! However, I did make a promise that when we reach the cost of the servers, I will turn off ads.

  • I did a Google search for "trumpet discussion" and came up with as the third and fourth results. When I typed "trumpet forum", a link on the second page of results mentioned " is dead, so here's its replacement!" The suggestion/recommendation is TB; it was posted three months ago, however. We can be found; it just takes the right wording.

  • I very briefly took some interest in search engine optimization (SEO) looong time ago, so I'm surely not the most informed person about this - but I do remember that external links (from other sites, pointing here, as the reddit link mentioned by J. Jericho) are the most valuable for ranking. We all need to start leaving links to TrumpetBoards in other sites.
    On the other hand, my very limited knowledge of SEO predates social media, so I don't know if a "parallel" presence on Facebook or something like that would do any good (and it would surely attract a lot of noise).

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    I have a page on Facebook. Doesn't get much traffic, though.

  • @administrator : I didn't know, also didn't search. Will do it now, maybe we could all follow it (those of us who are on Facebook)

  • @administrator : done. Check the "About" section, the website part says ""

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    Thanks to all those who have signed up on the Patreon page! Your support helps. I still want to get those cool vinyl recordings out, just give me a few months to gather the necessary equipment. In the meantime, I am going to be switching to a less expensive hosting service, and I will be killing all ads except on the home page. Cool stuff is coming!

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